Wreck diving expedition – Narvik, Norway – Jane R – August 2020

Wreck diving expedition – Narvik, Norway – Jane R…

Summary:  A week of diving amazing wrecks in  excellent visibility.   Staying in a new build house with all creature comforts (including a sauna) and stunning views over three fjords to the mountains beyond.  Lots to do for non-divers too…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


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At the start of World War II, Narvik was the site of a ferocious Naval battle involving British, German, and Norwegian ships.  While many of the ships have been salvaged, there are still 19 (nineteen!) wrecks in Narvik harbour.  Sixteen of these are in less than 30m.  This has always been on my list of diving must-dos, and I’m putting together an expedition to go there next year.  Because of the conditions, the wrecks are in excellent condition.  They are shallow (less than 30m) and close in to land.  The diving, while a bit chilly, is relatively straightforward (I’ll probably be on a single cylinder). 


We’ll be diving from the Jane R, skippered by the legendary Gordon.   The good news is that we won’t be staying on the Jane R, as while fine for diving it’s a bit tatty now.  Instead  we’ll be staying in a new build house which I’m told (by people other than Gordon!) is very comfortable.


Other than diving, there’s plenty to do around Narvik.  The mountains are excellent for walking, and included in the price is use of a 12 seater minibus.  There will be evening minibus trips most nights.   There will also be Frank’s zoo.


Cost is around 13,000 NOK (around £1,150).  This includes diving, accommodation, three meals a day, use of the minibus, tanks, lead, air.  Nitrox is available too.  It doesn’t include flights though.  Flights are currently around £300 from Gatwick to Narvick.


Given the nature of the diving, you’ll need to be at least an experienced Sports Diver to come on the trip.


I have a provisional booking for w/c 22nd August.  Do let me know if you’re interested or if you have any questions, as I need to fill this trip in order for it to go ahead.


It’s going to be great!




PS – Non-divers welcome too.  There’s lots of non-diving stuff around too….



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