Vobster Splash-In – 14th / 15th April – Sign up now!

Vobster Splash-In – 14th / 15th April – Sign…

Hi all,


It was great to see so much enthusiasm for the Vobster Splash-in yesterday at the trip planning meeting.  I think over 20 people put their hands up to say they’re interested.  As promised here are a few more details.


For many people, the splash-in is the first trip of the season.  It’s an opportunity to check your kit is still working, that your drysuit hasn’t mysteriously ‘shrunk’ over the winter, and that you still remember which way up to put a regulator in your mouth.  For others, it can be an opportunity to do some teaching or get some training done, or just enjoy being in the water.


This year, the Splash-In will be on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th April in Vobster.  For those that want it, I’ll also organise accommodation and an evening meal. 


If you’d like to come on the trip, please could you respond to this email, and let me know:

  • Whether you will be diving on the Saturday, Sunday, or both.
  • Whether you need accommodation.
  • What your current diving grade is.
  • Whether you would like some training, and if so, which lessons.
  • Whether you are an instructor who is happy to teach, and if so, what your preference is.
  • Whether you are an assistant instructor who would like to help teach, and if so, how much instructing you will have done (and whether you will have done the OWIC).
  • Anything else you can think of!


There’s no limit on numbers, but depending on how many instructors are coming, we may need to prioritise training.




PS – Remember not to reply-all to this email!
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