Vobster splash 2nd / 3rd November – Train, instruct, or just have fun.

Vobster splash 2nd / 3rd November – Train, instruct,…

Hi all,
I’m just back from a great weekend with 19 other Hellfins and we had a great time diving in the sea, as well as a fantastic meal out and just generally having a good time.  This reminds me of the annual Hellfins splash-out which is held in Vobster at the end of the year, which is also a couple of days of good diving, a fantastic meal out (sometimes!) and generally having a good time (definitely).
This year the splash out is the weekend of 2nd / 3rd November.  Basically a big group of Hellfins (sometimes as many as 20 or 30!) go to Vobster for a couple of days of diving.   Vobster is perhaps the friendlies dive centre in the UK, and has very good and clear water.  It’s good for entry-level training, but we can also do higher-level training there because it has the depth.
It’s quite a relaxed and friendly trip, and while most people go for both days, several people will go up for just the Saturday, just the Sunday or both.
Please drop me a line saying:
– Whether you would like to go for both days, just Sat, or just Sun.
– What your instructor qualification is, and if you’d like to teach.
– If you’d like any lessons signing off, and if so which.
– If you don’t want to do any teachin’ or learnin’ but just want fun divin’ and a generally good time.
– Whether you would like accommodation for the Saturday night.
– If you want a lift, or can offer a lift, and if so where from.
Cost will be entry to Vobster and gas fills, plus whatever I can find for accommodation.
Let me know if you can make it – it’s a great trip, and as ever, if you’ve any questions then let me know!
Janos Suto

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