Two more Brighton dates: Sunday 5th April and Sunday 28th June

Two more Brighton dates: Sunday 5th April and Sunday…

Hi all,


Me again. You can tell the 2020 wall planner arrived recently…


I’ve got provisional bookings with the excellent Steve and Channel Diver for a couple of dates next year.  I’ve dived a lot with Steve and he’s laid-back but highly skilled and one of my favourite skippers.   His boat, Channel Diver, is big and spacious, and superbly equipped.  It’s by far the best dayboat in the UK.  I do a lot of my deeper diving with him and thoroughly rate his dive operation.  Brighton is a very convenient location as we can be there and back in a day.


The first day is Sunday 5th April.  Ropes off around 0830, and likely to be a shallower trip (25m-ish) depending on who signs up.

The second is Sunday 28th June.  Ropes off at a very civilised 1000 (tbc) and I’d quite like to do the City of Waterford in around 35m (the top is around 30m).  Link below.


Do let me know if you’re interested or have any questions.




Janos Suto

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