The first dive of the year? Friday 3rd January 2020. Brighton. Channel Diver.

The first dive of the year? Friday 3rd January…

Hi all,


I’m looking to put together a trip on Channel Diver on (probably) Friday 3rd January 2020.  The plan would be to dive something reasonably shallow such as the Pentrych in 20m, and most importantly scoff lots of mince pies and finish off my selection box if I haven’t done so already.  Ropes off is a civilised 0915.  For those who haven’t dived with Steve and Channel Diver before, he’s a great skipper and the boat is perhaps the best day boat in the UK (honestly).


It’s by no means certain the trip will go ahead, as the weather in winter can be a bit windy (in which case we get a refund) but on the other hand you can get those gorgeous crisp winter days when there’s not a cloud in the sky and the sea is like a millpond…


Cost will be around £50 per person for two dives.   To come on the trip you need to be a qualified Sports Diver or above.

It will be cold, but worth it.   Send me an email!











Janos Suto

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