Hellfins Boat Insurance
Fixed Radio Manual Icom IC-M421
Handheld VHF manual Icom IC-M1
Chartplotter manual – Horizon CP150″
Yamaha Engine Manual
Chartplotter manual – Dragonfly


Hellfins Boat Insurance
Hellfins Boat Insurance Part 2
Molly insurance certificate
Handheld VHF manual Icom IC-M33
Garmin GPSMAP Combined Chartplotter, sounder, and GPS
Molly’s VHF licence
Molly’s towing weight
Molly’s engine manual
Molly’s Itinery Lists 2015
A short video on how to fill Molly with fuel


Portland Marina facilities
Scimitar diving (on-site dive shop)
Portland tides
Notice to mariners – Reporting incidents within Portland harbour
Notice to mariners – Speed of vessels
Notice to mariners – Small vessels
Notice to mariners – Port traffic signals
Portland permitted dive areas
Portland speed limits
Diving permit application form
Application conditions

The Thames

Link to Thames Byelaws
Link to the PLA’s, ahem, Cruising guide
North Woolwich tides
Passage Planning on the Thames
Environment Agency guide to using the Thames
PLA’s PDF of Western bit of the Thames
PLA’s PDF of Eastern bit of the Thames