St Abbs 2020

St Abbs 2020


I’m running a trip for Ocean Divers and above to St Abbs. St Abbs has stunning visibility, and some of the best reefs I’ve seen anywhere in the world. The wildlife is amazing, as are the natural features like arches and swim-throughs. A lot of the nice diving is at 20 metres and shallower. (This article has some information on what the diving is like:

It is in Scotland, just north of Northumberland, so it’s a long drive and worth staying a few days. So accommodation is booked from Thursday 6th August to Monday 10th August.  

We’ll travel down on the Thursday. Diving will be on the Friday, Saturday, Sunday and we should also get a dive in on the Monday.  We may be able to get 3 dives in on the Saturday – Friday and Sunday will be two dives, and Monday one dive before heading home.

We’ll use Divestay based out of Eyemouth ( They run the boat, and provide the accommodation.This makes the logistics very easy – once your kit is in on the boat, there’s nothing more to worry about.

To book your place on the trip, contact Matt Cocke at mwocke (at) aol (dot) com, or  via WhatsApp or other messengera  app, or in the pub. Deposits are likely to be due at the end of January.



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