Save the date: Vobster Splash-Out, 31st October / 1st November

Save the date: Vobster Splash-Out, 31st October / 1st…

Hi all,
Every year Hellfins has a ‘splash-out’.  This is a very social trip held at Vobster Quay in Somerset.  We tend to be there for two days and stay overnight (although some people go there and back in a day).
Typically we have over 20 people attending, and it’s also a great opportunity to finish off any training that people might want.
This year the trip will be the weekend of 31st October / 1st November.  I know this is a little while out, but last year a few people told me they were disappointed they couldn’t come along due to a prior commitment, so I thought I’d give everyone an opportunity to hold the date.
Please do let me know if you would like to come along.  There’s no commitment required at this stage, but the earlier people let me know, the easier it is for me to plan.
PS:  Other trips I’m running this year – please let me know if you’d like to book on (or be added to the reserve list). 

05 Apr – Brighton (1 day)                                       – SPACES

19 Apr – Mull and beyond (5 days)                      – FULL

24 Apr – Whisky & walking (2 or 3 days)             – SPACES

02 May – Plymouth (2 or 3 days)                         – SPACES (Contact Pippa)

28 Jun – Brighton (1 day)                                      – SPACES

21 Aug – Narvik (7 days)                                       – FULL

05 Sep – Plymouth (2 or 3 days)                        – SPACES (Contact Pippa)

17 Oct – Cold and miserable rib trip (2 days)   – SPACES

31 Oct – Splash Out (1 or 2 days)                       – SPACES

Janos Suto

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