Red Carpet Premier – “Four Wrecks and a Caravan” – Swanage 21/22 April

Red Carpet Premier – “Four Wrecks and a Caravan”…

Hi Hellfins,

I’m putting together a weekend trip to Swanage traveling down evening of the 20th and diving the 21st and 22nd of April. The tides are perfect for getting in two wreck dives each day. Depending on numbers we will either be chartering a hard boat from Divers Down or hopping onto their existing shuttle schedule. Weather permitting the itinerary will hopefully include star wrecks such as the Kyarra and Aeolian Sky.

Accommodation is likely to be some plush looking caravans with a good view and some red carpet. Unfortunately it probably won’t be as cold and miserable as Janos’ March trip but should still be pretty fun.

Diving will be in the Sports Diver range, just reply to this e-mail if interested, but please, don’t reply to all! I’ll be collecting a deposit of £50 off the lucky actors followed by full payment sooner rather than later!

I’m also looking for a DL who is interested in becoming a supervisory member of the production team.

kind regards,
Ian Beatty-Orr.
+44 748 398 1194

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