Online Diver Training and the Hellfins Lecture Schedule

Online Diver Training and the Hellfins Lecture Schedule


Dear All,


I hope everyone is well and raring to go for the diving season hopefully awaiting us in the not too distant future.


In the meantime here is a quick run down of the training available in webinar format. Most of this training counts towards either your diver training or a particular skill development course and we will work to get any practical training done later on in the year!


Hellfins Lecture Series!

Our weekly Wednesday pub night series of in house training, guest lectures and quizzes. We are looking to get some more SDC lectures once we have finished our current set (and if we are still in lockdown). Please let me know if there are any SDCs that you would be keen to do. These usually start at 7pm and are on Zoom. Details will be sent out before each session.


The next few sessions are

22nd April: Cave Diving Exploration in the Artic Circle with Ian France

29rd April: Accelerated Decompression Procedures Part 2 with Janos

6th March: Diving Warships with Dom

7th May: TBA (potentially some photo editing with Alex)

14th May: Who Wants to be a Billionaire with Joe

21st May: TBA

28th May: TBA


Diver Training


BSAC are running an excellent series of diver training lectures from Ocean Diver to Advanced Diver with some skill development lectures in between. A list can be found here:

To join these you will need to code from your training pack – this is on a sticker on the outside, as well as your BSAC membership number.


We are planning to run some Sports Diver lectures in house – I will send a separate email with some details to sign up. Anyone is welcome to join for a refresher – please do let me know.


Do also let me know if there is any other training you would like to do, or any talks you would like to see or want to give!




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