Oban, Sound of Mull, and beyond – One space now available

Oban, Sound of Mull, and beyond – One space…

Hi all,
Unfortunately I’ve had a drop out from my Oban / Sound of Mull trip, but their loss could be your gain, as I now have one space available on this fantastic trip. 
 We’re diving from the amazing Halton, a liveaboard I’ve used a few times before and rate highly.   We’re boarding the boat on Sunday 19th April, and diving for four days, before (optionally) staying up for a few more days of whisky and walking.
This is nice easy diving. I’m hoping to focus on diving the many great wrecks that are in the area, (I had a cracking dive on the Tapti I’d like to repeat). However you will need to be a qualified Sports Diver with experience of diving to 30m.
I’ve got one space now, So if you’d like to come, or have any questions then let me know.
PS:  Trips I’m running this year:

05 Apr – Brighton (1 day)                                       – SPACES

19 Apr – Mull and beyond (5 days)                      – ONE SPACE

24 Apr – Whisky & walking (2 or 3 days)             – SPACES

02 May – Plymouth (2 or 3 days)                         – ONE SPACE (Contact Pippa)

28 Jun – Brighton (1 day)                                      – SPACES

21 Aug – Narvik (7 days)                                       – FULL (Taking reserves)

05 Sep – Plymouth (2 or 3 days)                        – SPACES (Contact Pippa)

17 Oct – Cold and miserable rib trip (2 days)   – SPACES

31 Oct – Splash Out (1 or 2 days)                       – SPACES

Janos Suto

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