More diving – Sunday 26th August – Channel Diver

More diving – Sunday 26th August – Channel Diver

Hi all,


I’ve been a bit cunning and bcc’ed in the Hellfins email list this time to stop people replying all eh Bruno?  I’m surprised I didn’t think of the BCC idea earlier.


But anyway – another date for your diaries:  Hellfins have the wonderful Steve Johnson and Channel Diver booked on Sunday 26th August.  This is the middle day of the BH weekend, which means that you can go out partying on the Friday night, recover on Saturday and get your kit sorted.  Then go diving on the Sunday and laze around on the Monday.  Sounds perfect to me…


The Cunning Plan is to dive the Alaunia, one of my favourite wrecks.  She is / was a massive (ie truly massive – 13,000+ tonnes) Cunard liner that rests in around 36m.  However the wreck sits up by 12m so the top is in just 24m. 


Loading is around 9:30ish (TBC closer to the time) and diving around midday, so a nice civilised leave time.  Second dive TBD.  Cost will be around £50 for the day.


Given the depths you’ll need to be a qualified Sports Diver or equivalent.   


As ever, any questions drop me an email, give me a ring, or nobble me down the pub.










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