If you’ve never dived before, why not go on a Try Dive to see if you like the underwater experience?

Although it’s no comparison to diving in the sea – (instead of wrecks, fish, and mermaids you’re likely to see is hairbands and perhaps the odd sticking plaster – although someone did find a diamond earring once) the Queen Mother’s Sports Centre pool is fantastic and most try-divers find the experience of floating weightless in the water enjoyable and come out with huge smiles on their faces. You can find out more details on try-dives by emailing .

Note: Some medical conditions can prevent you from diving

Try dive completed there’s no rush to hand over your subs. Come down for a few Wednesdays, have a swim, get to know people. We’re a friendly and laid-back club so there’s no pressure to join immediately if you don’t want to. But if you do decide that the club is the right one for you, then it’s time to hand over your money, fill in a couple of forms, and enjoy that warm, welcoming Hellfins embrace.

We try to get cohorts of trainees learning together at the same time. Although it is sometimes possible to slot individual divers into the training programme, it’s far better to be learning within a mutually supportive group of people who progress together. There are seven lectures and five pool lessons in the Ocean Diver course, so this typically means 12 Wednesday nights of learning. However it’s not boring old school learning – it’s fun diving learning – and it’s not a chore but a pleasure!

What to expect…

Try dives introduce you to scuba diving with the club. We’ll have a chat to you about the club and what we do and then put you in some SCUBA gear and take you into the pool. You’ll be accompanied by a diving instructor and the pace of the experience will be down to you. Take your own time, stay relaxed and enjoy yourself – after all, that’s what scuba diving is all about!

Try dives cost £10. They take place in the Queen Mother’s Sports Centre pool, normally on Wednesday evenings.

What You’ll Need…

A swimming costume and t-shirt to wear in the pool and a towel for afterwards. We’ll provide all of the diving equipment you will need.

Get in touch

Any questions? Then why not drop an email.

Membership Forms

To join just print complete the 3 forms below and hand them into Janos:
Member Record Form
BSAC Registration Form
Medical Form