Unfortunately, some medical conditions MAY prevent you from diving.

Before diving with the club (including try-dives) you will need to sign a medical form confirming that you do not suffer from any of the following conditions. If you do answer “yes” then don’t worry – you might still be able to dive – but you need to get authorisation from a Diving Doctor. The UK Sports Diving Medical Committee is the independent body that looks after divers in the UK. Their website is here:  ukdmc.org

Being a London club it makes sense to recommend a Diving Doctor in London, and the easiest to contact currently are those at

London Diving Chamber in St. John’s Wood.  London Diving Chamber – BSAC referrals


London Hyperbaric Medical at Whipps Cross in East London LHM – diving medical referrals

Do contact the Diving Officer (Oliver) for more information.

* Have you suffered at any time from diseases of the heart and circulation including high blood pressure, angina, chest pains and palpitations?
* Have you at any time had chest or heart surgery?
* Have you suffered from or had to take medication for asthma?
* Have you ever had collapsed lung or pneumothorax?
* Have you ever had any other chest or lung disease?
* Have you suffered at any time from blackouts, fainting or recurrent dizziness?
* Have you had regular ear problems in the past ten years?
* Do you have an ileostomy, colostomy or ever had repair of a hiatus hernia?
* Have you ever had epilepsy or fits?
* Have you had recurrent migraines?
* Have you ever had any other disease of the brain or nervous system (including strokes or multiple sclerosis)?
* Have you ever had any back or spinal surgery?
* Have you any history of mental or psychological illness of any kind, fear of small spaces, crowds or panic attacks?
* Have you any history of alcohol or drug abuse in the past five years?
* Do you have diabetes?
* Are you currently taking any prescribed medication (except the contraceptive pill)?
* Are you currently receiving medical care or have you consulted the doctor in the last year other than for trivial infection or minor injury?
* Have you ever been refused a diving medical certificate or life insurance or been offered special terms?
* Have you ever had, or been treated for, decompression illness?