Many of our members learnt abroad in warm clear waters before taking up cold water diving. UK diving is great – some of the best in the world – but there are some differences. We recognise that every diver is different, and customise our introductions accordingly, but most people new to UK tend to want to have their introduction to UK diving as gentle as possible. Typically this means a couple of dives in an inland site with an experienced UK diver, practicing their skills whilst wearing a thick suit, gloves and a hood to keep them toasty warm. If you want to continue your training, then there are more details on the cross-over section (under training) but if you just want to dive with us that’s cool too.

If you do decide that Hellfins is the right club for you, then you’ll need to attend a short introductory talk that tells you how the club works, how to book on trips etc, and also a quick (10 minute) lecture on BSAC 88 tables if you’ve not used them before.

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