Every diver is different, and one of the great benefits of the club diving system is that we can adapt to each members needs. At Hellfins we have members from a wide range of backgrounds: Some learnt to dive from scratch with the club, others joined after learning with PADI in the warm waters of the Red Sea, and other members were existing BSAC members who moved to London and wanted to join a more local club.

Irrespective of what sort of diver you are, if you’re interested in joining the club, then the thing to do is contact , our new member liaison bod. He’ll invite you down to have a look round the pool on a Wednesday night, then it’s on to the pub to meet some of the members and see if we’re the right sort of club for you. We normally need a day or so of notice to get your name onto the pool list – so please don’t turn up on the off-chance. There’s no such access restrictions at the pub of course!

Hopefully you’ll discover that Hellfins is the right sort of branch for you. Well – it works for us!