January 2020 – Cold and Miserable rib – come diving, or skip the diving and come to Portland anyway…

January 2020 – Cold and Miserable rib – come…

Hi all,


A quick email to plug the Cold and Miserable rib trip on Saturday 18th January / Sunday 19th January 2020.   Last year we successfully scored 2/3 in that we were a) cold, and b) dived from the rib, but sadly we completely failed to be miserable.   I’m hoping to make it 3/3 this year, but am not confident of success!


The plan is to go down to Portland on Friday 18th January, and stay two nights in the Portland Bunker (£20 per night).  Depending on the weather, we’ll have some gentle rib diving.  It will be cold and so we’ll probably do just the one dive.   Saturday afternoon / evening will see us drinking hot chocolate with rum, followed by going out to the Cove House Inn in Portland.  


Sunday will be a bit of a sleep in, before breakfast, another dive, before driving home in record time as there’s nothing on the roads at this time of year.


We already have four divers, plus a cox’n signed up for the trip, so the diving is going ahead.  Pippa is not bothering with the diving, but will instead lead a walking expedition around Portland.  Tea, cake, and coffee will feature heavily…


If you fancy coming down to Portland for a weekend in January – whether diving or not – please get in touch!




PS – Attached is photographic proof that I wasn’t joking about the hot chocolate and rum!
Janos Suto

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