Hellfins Oxygen administration course: UPDATE: Saturday 7th March

Hellfins Oxygen administration course: UPDATE: Saturday 7th March

Hi all Hellfins,
Thanks to everyone who’s responded.  This will now be running on Saturday 7th March.  If you’d like to come along but are not on the list already (you will have already received an email today from me if so) then please get in touch.
Hi all,
The O2 admin course is a one-day course that teaches you how to recognise the signs and symptoms of decompression illness, and treat them by using pure O2.  (The course is also allegedly a great way to cure a hangover as you get to use O2 yourself, but I couldn’t possibly comment on that!)
Any qualified Ocean Diver or above can attend, and as well as getting a sticker for your logbook, it also allows you to sign off Dive Leader Theory lectures DT2 to DT7.
As per Dom’s email, there are a few O2 admin courses being run around the regions close to Hellfins.  You can book on these through the links below.
However, if none of those suit, we can also run a course in-branch.  If this interests you, then please could you let me know and we can look to arrange one.  I’m thinking we could do this one day from late January to early March.
Please let me know if you’re interested and also your availability.
Regional oxygen admin courses being run near Hellfins:
25th January – London Region:

08 February – South East Region


12th January – Eastern Region


On 28 December 2019 at 20:49:19 -00:00, Dominic Coyne via Subscribers <subscribers@hellfins.com> wrote:
Merry Christmas Hellfins!
To recover from a mince pie induced stupor, I find that there is nothing better than planning my diving for next year.
As many of you may (or might not) know London region runs a vast array of skill development courses. Some of these we will run within the club as well early next year (notably O2 admin and DL lectures).so keep your eyes out for emails from the Training Team, but for those with booked schedules or esoteric tastes you can book on to the below courses on the BSAC webpage:
Please note that there is a cost involved for these courses. SDCs
21 Jan: Compressor operator – 18.30 – 21.30 at Imperial College South Kensington
25 Jan: O2 Admin (covering DL lectures DT2-7) – 09.00-17.00 at Imperial College South Kensington
26 Jan: Other DL lectures (covering DL lectures DT1, 8-12) – 09.00-17.00 at BBC, Portland Place
29 Feb: AD lectures (covering AT1-4) – 09.00-17.00 at BBC, Portland Place
4&5 Apr: Chartwork & Position Fixing – 09.00-17.00ish (tide depending) – on the Thames East London
6&7 Jun: Accelerated Decompression Procedures – location TBD – hopefully St Andrews, or NDAC/Stoney
5 Sep: Buoyancy & Trim – location TBD – hopefully St Andrews, or NDAC/Stoney
10&17 Sep: Lifesaver – 19.00-21.30 at Clidive, Old Street
20 Sep: PRM – 09.00-17.00ish at Wraysbury
22 Oct: AED – 19.00-21.30 at Clidive, Old Street
Happy to answer any questions and Happy New Year!
Subscribers mailing list
Subscribers mailing list
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