Hellfins Lecture Series Round 2 – Wrecks!

Hellfins Lecture Series Round 2 – Wrecks!


Dear All,


Thank you all those that attended last week and thank you to Janos for teaching! We are still working on a forecast of events, but will try and put a mix of qualification training with some fun stuff including knots and underwater photography.


As it was such a success, we will keep going with a new course starting this Wednesday –Wreck Diving


Just started diving and want to know more about the big rusty bits of metal we dive on, or a bit more experienced and want to know your hawsepipe from your propshaft then this course is for you!


As per last week, I’ll send the dial in and WhatsApp group details in the next few days.


For those keen to keep going with ADP, we are going to finish up the last lectures in 2 weeks.


Please let me know if you have any questions,



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