Anyone can organise a trip, and indeed Hellfins actively encourages you to do so. So go on. Do it. Now!

The steps you need to do are:

  1. Decide where you want to go and what you want to do
  2. Let the Diving Officer know your plans
  3. If you are not a Dive Leader, tap up someone who is and persuade them to act as Dive Manager
  4. Make a provisional booking with the boat or book the rib. (If you need a Coxn / Boat handler user this email address to contact those with qualifications)
  5. Send a note round the club asking for interest
  6. Collect money from everyone for accommodation and hardboat fees (it’s often easiest to collect all money in advance)
  7. Go diving!
  8. Transfer any rib fees / equipment hire fees to the Treasurer, and submit brief records to the DO.

Just a couple of other points to note – all diving needs to be within Hellfins’ Safety Guidelines and all trips should be self-financing – the club doesn’t get involved in the financing of trips.

Easy isn’t it? But if you do have any questions, then ask the Diving Officer, preferably in the pub!