You have a fantastic dive trip to plan or the social event of the year that you need to advertise.  Well then you need to put a post on the website and let everyone know about it.  No seriously you do – we are a big club with busy lives and non of us are telepathic.  So spread the word!

How do you go about this?  It really is simple.  You will fall into one of two categories: authorised, non-authorised.  These categories will determine how you post.  Follow the chart below for instructions on how to get the post up and published.

 Authorised Posters  Non authorised Posters
 Members of the committee and frequent trip organisers):

  • Matt Williams
  • Lucy Beeson
  • Jon Hauser
  • Pippa Rouse
Anyone not on the committee or listed to the left.  If you would like to become authorised – contact the DO who will make the judgement call.

Why – because all trips should be run through the DO; they have a full understanding of the diving of the whole club and ultimate responsibility for everyones safety.

Send an email to the two email addresses (contact the media officer or DO if you do not remember what these are).

Format of the email:

  • Subject of email = Title of the post
  • Body of email =  Post details such as trip specifics or social event details.
  • Can you include pictures – absolutely!

What happens – the email will go to all members of the club via a distribution list and a very clever tool automatically publishes it to the site.

What to do –   Pretty much as the same as to the left just send it to the DO.

This will give them the opportunity to ask questions or tweak on format to get the best response.