This year the Club has purchased some new equipment. This means that most of our equipment is new. As with all our equipment it is serviced on regular basis.

If you wish to hire equipment you are welcome to do so. The rates are listed below. Realistically, we can only hire regulators, tanks and BCD’s. Fins and masks should be bought by yourself as soon as possible. When you have decided on the trip you wish to go on you must E-mail me at with your requirements:

  • – Date of trip
  • – Place
  • – Organisers Name

Please give me as much time as possible so I can have it ready for you to pick up. If you are going to collect your kit on a club night you may have to wait until the end of the session before taking it. Bear in mind that we have the right to refuse any request for kit hire, this maybe due to the lack of equipment because of club training or other issues. The organiser will be responsible for collecting the fees due. I will inform them to as to who is using club kit.

All equipment should be returned to the pool by 6.45pm on the Wednesday following the period of kit hire. Kit not returned on time will incur an additional day’s hire fee. Any member with outstanding kit hire fees will not be allowed to hire further kit until they have paid the outstanding balance in full. If any kit has been damaged or develops a fault this should be made known to me as soon as possible. All equipment should be rinsed through as best as possible and cylinders returned full. If not a charge may be made.

If any equipment is lost the user is liable for the replacement cost.

While we provide this service we recommend that you buy your own kit as soon as possible. The club organises kit evening from time to time where you can discuss your requirements with a retailer and more experienced club members with a view to buy. Not only that you can play with some shiny new kit.

Above all, the most important thing to remember is to dive safely and have fun.

Tom Forwood, Equipment Officer

Hire Costs

Item Trainees and new members** Member for more than a year
Tank* Free £5.00 per day
Regulator Free £5.00 per day
B.C.D Free £5.00 per day

* Tanks will be supplied full and should be returned full. If not a charge of £10.00 will be made.

** New members are defined to be those generally with less than one year of membership. However the committee has the scope to extend this for members joining partway through a “season”.