Hellfins is lucky to be a club with a very busy diving schedule. We dive all around the UK, from the Shetlands to the Scilly Isles, and we like our warm water diving too. One of the most popular destinations is Swanage, where we keep our rib Martha, and we often organise weekends away there. We also organise day trips to closer destinations such as Brighton, and weekends or even weeks away to Cornwall, Wales and Scotland.

One of the strengths of the club is that we actively encourage everyone to organise trips to do the sort of diving they want to do. Whether your interest is rusty metal or green slime, if you want to organise a trip then do it. Just give the Diving Officer a heads-up (earlier is better than later). If you are not a Dive Leader, then you will need to have someone qualified to act as Dive Manager as part of your group, but finding one of these isn’t usually a problem.

Details of this years trips can be found on the calendar. Popular trips fill up quickly, so do contact the organiser ASAP if you’re interested in going on one.