Hi all,

This year 11 intrepid Hellfins went to the Isles of Scilly to dive with Dave McBride on his good boat Tiburon. As ever, the islands didn’t disappoint, with excellent wreck diving (on shipwrecks the 1790s to the 1970s), seals, squidgy stuff, spidgy stuff, and some wonderful ice cream.

The islands are almost in the middle of the Atlantic (ish) and so the fresh clean Atlantic water usually means we have excellent viz.

The 2017 trip was so good that we’re doing it all again next year. Cost for diving and very nice self-catering accommodation is around £450. However you will need to get yourself to the islands, and beer, food, air, and crisps are all extra.

Diving is suitable for dived-up Sports Divers and you’ll need to be comfortable to 30m. I’ve provisionally booked accommodation and diving for the week commencing Sat 23rd June (but you’ll need to be in Penzance the night before).

Drop me an email or nibble me down the pub if you’re interested!