Dive Planning Meeting – 21st February – 7.30 Constitution

Dive Planning Meeting – 21st February – 7.30 Constitution

Calling all Hellfins

There is a dive planning meeting on Weds 21st Feb at the Constitution, all are welcome!

If you’ve just joined the club, this is where the club ethos really stands out as we make plans for our own diving – discuss new trips, and any other trips already in the diary – so come along and bring your diary! 

Hardboat trips – We’ve got a good few in the diary already, there’s space for some more.

Rib trips – Again we have a good few, and lots of space for more. It’s good cheap adventurous diving where you get to dive, plan, and drive yourself and chums to the dive site! Our boat Molly is in a prime location ideal for exploring a wide range of possible sites from deep wrecks to scenic reefs, to unknown marks and un-dived lumps of anything. 

If you’re currently running a trip, let me know if you have spaces and how many!

If you’ve got an idea for a trip, but need your hand holding a bit then come along and we can get you what you need!

Even if you’re not a Dive Leader you can still organise a trip – you just need a DL to come along and supervise the diving, come along and we can point you in the right direction.

Preeda has a draft plan to get Martha (our other rib) out and being used, so come and hear more about that – if you have an idea of something you’d like to do whether it’s boathandling, coxon practice, or just going for a Thames Jolly then it’s time to firm up those plans and make them happen. 

Have a shufty (here below), find a nice weekend that suits the sort of diving you want to do and make a plan!


See you there!

Oliver – Hellfins Diving Officer

Dates for your diaries:

Dive Planning: 21st Feb

Club Auction: 28th March

Splash In: 14/15 April

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