Cold and miserable rib trip – second attempt – 17/18 October.

Cold and miserable rib trip – second attempt –…

Hi all,
While the January cold-and-miserable-rib-trip was cold, we completely failed to be miserable, and there was way too much smiling!  I’m therefore looking to rectify this by having another trip later in the year which will hopefully be both cold and miserable, with definitely no smiling!
I’ve not done too much planning yet, as this will be the perfect opportunity for a trainee Dive Leader to complete DP1 and DP2.
The date will be 17th / 18th October.  Accommodation will probably be in the Bunker (or you can do your own thing), 
Non-divers are also more than welcome to come along.
Let me know if you’d like to come along, either as a diver, non-diver, and do let me know if you’d like to do your DP1 /DP2.
PS:  Other trips I’m running this year – please let me know if you’d like to book on (or be added to the reserve list). 

05 Apr – Brighton (1 day)                                       – SPACES

19 Apr – Mull and beyond (5 days)                      – FULL

24 Apr – Whisky & walking (2 or 3 days)             – SPACES

02 May – Plymouth (2 or 3 days)                         – SPACES (Contact Pippa)

28 Jun – Brighton (1 day)                                      – SPACES

21 Aug – Narvik (7 days)                                       – FULL

05 Sep – Plymouth (2 or 3 days)                        – SPACES (Contact Pippa)

17 Oct – Cold and miserable rib trip (2 days)   – SPACES

31 Oct – Splash Out (1 or 2 days)                       – SPACES

Janos Suto

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