Cold and miserable rib trip. Attempts two and three: 14th / 15th July and 8th / 9th Septembernew

Cold and miserable rib trip. Attempts two and three:…

Hi Hellfins
Sadly the first “cold and miserable” rib in March this year failed to live up to its name.  While it was undoubtably a little cold, there was too much sunshine, the seas were flat and so it spectacularly failed to live up to the “miserable” part of the billing.
Ho hum.  So it goes.
I’m going to have another go at organising a cold and miserable rib trip.  It will be even more challenging, as July and September are likely to be far warmer and less windy than March.  But I will do my best.
The first trip is on 14th / 15th July.  We’ll be diving from Molly and I’m yet to sort out any accommodation.  Cost of the diving will be £20 per day for Molly. 
The second trip will be on 8th / 9th September.  Again we’ll be diving from Molly but good news is that I’ve sorted out accommodation in the form of a static caravan (around £20 per person per night).  This trip will be a bit unusual in that we may be joined by some first class preppers who will be using another rib, and we will be coordinating our diving with them. 
For both sites, I’m expecting to be diving stuff in the 30m range.  I’ve not done the Aeolian Sky for a while (and it’s so big that even I can find it on the sounder). 
To come on either or both of these trips, please drop me an email.  You’ll need to be a Sports Diver or above, and reasonably dived up and comfortable in the water, so please let me know how much diving you’re planning to do over the summer. 
I’ll also need someone else on board who can drive the boat while I dive, I’m going to give priority to those people who can drive the boat.
As ever, do drop me a line, give me a ring, or nobble me down the pub if you have any questions.
Come on Hellfins – let’s do some cold and miserable diving!
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