Schedule A – Membership Charges

As from 1st March 2016 the Annual LHSAC membership charges shall be as follows:
(a) Full diving membership: £110
(b) Associate membership: £35
(c) Honorary membership: No fee
(d) Country membership: £35
(e) Graduate membership: £10 (first year only)

Members will pay relevant BSAC membership fees in addition to these charges.

Hellfins SAC has a common renewal date of the 1st of April each year. New or transferring members joining before 1st April in any year will pay a pro-rata Hellfins and BSAC subscriptions for part-years memberships. This does not affect joining fees or monies required for purchasing any training packs. Members joining on or after 1st February will not pay Hellfins subscriptions for the remaining two months of that membership year.

Associate membership is available to people wishing to join Hellfins, but do not wish to dive.
Country membership is available to people wishing to join Hellfins who live over 150 miles from the Shell Centre.
Graduate membership is available to people wishing to join Hellfins who are both qualified divers and who have been a member of a university branch of BSAC paying BSAC subscriptions at the student rate within the past two years.

New members may have to pay a joining fee depending on their existing dive qualifications. See Schedule C for details. Instructors who teach Ocean and Sports Diver open water lessons may be eligible for a Hellfins Open Water Instruction Merit Award. See Schedule D for details.

Schedule B – List of Club Officers / Committee

Members Responsibilities

1) Represents the “formal” face of LHSAC in correspondence with external bodies.
2) Chairs the monthly committee meeting.
3) Organises and chairs the AGM and any EGMs that are held during the year.

1) Maintains accurate records of club business.
2) Writes up committee meeting minutes & actions and distributes them to committee.

Membership Secretary
1) The initial contact for all new members to the club.
2) Processes new member applications to the club.
3) Processes all LHSAC/BSAC membership renewals each year.
4) The club contact with BSAC on all BSAC membership matters.
5) Holds and updates club records (e.g. Address lists, Membership lists).
6) Orders the BSAC training packs for new members on receipt of the appropriate fee.
7) Maintains an accurate record of ‘Responsible Persons’ and Instructors with Shell.

1) Determines budgets and funding of HSAC each year.
2) Maintains records and prepares accounts for the year 1st October to 30th September.
3) Ensures dive managers collect dive charges.
4) Authorises and plans any expenditure.
5) Runs and maintains the club bank accounts.

Diving Officer
1) Overall responsibility for diving safety in the club
2) Sets the rules by which dives are undertaken and decides club diving policy
3) Co-ordinates entire diving program for each year
4) Expected to be an active and enthusiastic diver
5) Contact with BSAC on all diving matters
6) Minimum qualification – Advanced Diver and Open Water Instructor

Training Officer(s)
1) Co-ordinates and runs all training that takes place in the pool including
Ocean Diver and Sports Diver sheltered water lessons.
2) Sets up and organises regular skills refresher sessions in the pool and staff lounges
3) Organises any other pool based courses (e.g. Lifesaver)
4) Co-ordinates instructor pool and lecture training and preparation for Instructor exam
5) Co-ordinates open water training for Ocean Diver, Sports Diver, Dive Leader and Advanced Diver.
6) Organises all other open water training e.g. Boat handling etc.
7) Organises any classroom based BSAC courses (e.g. First Aid, Oxygen administration etc.)
8) Appointed by the Diving Officer
9) Reviews pool risk assessment at least annually or when required.

Equipment Officer – Pool
1) Maintains and services all equipment in Shell Centre
2) Maintains register of all kit, and ensures forms are available for signing out equipment to be hired
3) Purchases kit when required
4) Requires full-training in compressor operation before commencing role.
5) Reviews equipment risk assessment at least annually or when required.
6) Maintains and holds the ‘approved compressor operators’ list.

Equipment Officer – Boats
1) Responsible for everything to do with the RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) including winterization, storage; insurance; maintenance; purchase of spares; cleaning; preparation for start of season etc.

Social Secretary
1) Organises regular HSAC social dinners and drinks.
2) Organises and suggests other fund raising activities.

Media Officer
1) Responsible for publicity to attract new members.
2) Responsible for the website.

Member without Portfolio
1) No other specific activities but expected to lend a hand when required. In the past the M w/o P has tended to be someone who provides an alternative view. e.g. Someone who has been a member of another club, or is new to the club (i.e. novices) or has other relevant experience (e.g. BSAC Regional Coach)

Schedule C – Club Dive Charges

Collection of Dive Charges

The Dive Manager is responsible for collecting dive trip related monies due to the club. This responsibility may be delegated to an assistant or organiser. Kit etc and therefore monies must be noted on the expense form, which must be used for all dive trips, prepared in advance (the expense form is located on the Hellfins Website). Any monies must be collected at the latest on the morning of the first dive, but it is the recommendation of the committee that all fees, when practicable, are collected prior to the trip. No claimed expenses will be paid to the DM or delegated person if other charges due are outstanding.

The expense forms and collection will be checked at each monthly committee meeting. Any default in payment will be taken up by the chairman to the individual concerned. After 3 formal requests of defaulting on payments (in writing from the chairman), the
individual will be expelled from the club.

Experience Scuba Fee
The fee for potential members undertaking an “Experience Scuba” session shall be £10.

Joining Fee
The joining fee for a new diver joining the Club who has no existing diving qualifications shall be £99.
The joining fee for divers with other-agency qualifications that BSAC considers to be similar to BSAC Ocean Diver shall be £50.
There is no joining fee for divers with existing BSAC qualifications that BSAC considers to be similar to BSAC Sports Diver or above.
There is no joining fee for new Graduate Members

New members will be strongly advised to purchase their own set of BSAC 88 tables by the Membership Secretary, however this is not compulsory. In addition to the above BSAC training packs or cross over packs will be charged at BSAC current prices (see for prices). These training packs will be ordered by the membership secretary on receipt of the appropriate fee.

Dive Charges
LHSAC covers the cost of insuring and maintaining the club boat(s). LHSAC also covers any boat fuel costs. Except by prior committee approval, LHSAC will not cover launch or recovery fees, lock charges, or speeding tickets.

The charge for using either of the club boats will be £20 per diver per day, subject to a minimum fee of £80 for Martha and £100 for the Molly.

Equipment Charges

The fee for equipment hire shall be £5 per item per day. New members (defined to be those generally with less than one year of membership. However the committee has the scope to extend this for members joining partway through a “season”) pay no hire fees.

There is an additional £10.00 surcharge for tanks that are returned unfilled

Any equipment borrowed is to be returned by 5pm on the following working Monday – and preferably earlier if possible. If equipment is not returned in time then the hirer may be charged for additional days’ hire.

If available, Dive Managers may borrow equipment for the purpose of having spares available in case a club member’s kit breaks or is damaged during a trip. If this spare equipment is unused, there will be no charge. However if it is used, the club member using it will pay the charge appropriate to their grade.

Mask/Snorkel/Fins/Gloves are not for hire and should be bought or hired elsewhere.

Where equipment is lost or broken irreparably by the hirer then they shall be charged the following amount: (Note: The most common occurrence is a lost weightbelt or individual weights.)

Tank: £150
DV: £300
Stab Jacket: £350
Weightbelt: £80
Mask/Snorkel/Fins/Gloves N/A

Instructor Expenses

When instructing Club members at inland quarries, instructors may reclaim quarry entry fees (at the relevant quarry’s member’s rate) from the Club, subject to agreement having been gained from the Open Water Training Officer before the commencement of the training trip.

Schedule D – Welfare of the vulnerable policy

The Children Act 1989 indicates that anyone who has care of children should “do what is reasonable in all circumstances for the purpose of safeguarding or promoting the child’s welfare”. LHSAC has adopted the BSAC’s safeguarding policy. In particular LHSAC is guided by the following principles:

• The welfare of vulnerable members, both adults and children, is the first consideration.
• All members have the right to be protected from bad practice, neglect, bullying and all
forms of emotional and physical abuse.
• Suspicions and allegations of inappropriate behaviour will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately
• It is the duty of all members suspecting inappropriate behaviour and actions to act on any concern.
• As defined in the Children Act 1989, anyone under the age of 18 years should be considered as a child for the purposes of this Policy
• To treat all members fairly, equitably and without prejudice.
• Not to participate in or tolerate behaviour that frightens, degrades, embarrasses, demoralizes or negatively affects a member’s self esteem
• Not to tolerate acts of aggression
• Photography – Members should be aware that the recording of photographic images might be inappropriate.
• The members of the British Sub-Aqua Club should not discriminate on the grounds of gender, marital status, race, colour, disability, sexuality, age, occupation, religion or political opinion.
• Branch Officers and Instructors will be made aware of good practice with a specific Welfare course available – free of charge, together with appropriate documentation, training and support from HQ, to ensure that Branches are able to implement the Welfare Policy.

Awareness of these issues, and the adherence to these simple guidelines, will help maintain professionalism and safeguard good practice, secure the protection of both the vulnerable and those responsible for them, from accusations arising from misinterpretation of innocent actions. To help implement these principles, LHSAC has also adopted the recommendations detailed in the BSAC document “Safeguarding policy for children and vulnerable adults in (England and Wales)”