AGM reminder, awards and financials for the year

AGM reminder, awards and financials for the year

Hi all,
You may not have received the original email due to its size, so sending without the attachment. The financials can be seen at this link on the website:

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Hi all,


The Hellfins AGM will be held at the Doghouse on 10th October. The pub is booked from 1830. The meeting starts at 1900.


Can I remind you all to get voting for

Diver of the year

Merit award (whoever’s done the most for the club)

Trainee of the year award


Please find attached the most up-to-date version of the financials for the year. This will be discussed at the AGM.


I wanted to highlight a large variance on the spreadsheet from budgeted spend to actual spend on line 36 – servicing and winterisation costs for the boats. This saw a variance in expenditure of £2,850.


The budget was set at £800, and instead, we spent £3,650. The reason I highlight this spend is twofold – 1. The committee went outside of its remit to approve expenses up to £1000 on top of budgeted amounts, and 2. To remind the club of the existing controls around expenditure. Further to this, please note that this will not impact on fees.


During this year, Martha became unusable, despite a lot of enthusiasm to take her out on the Thames. The resultant expense to get her back up and running was £2,214.84. Unfortunately this was presented as an invoice to the committee and therefore left little option but to approve the expense. On a high note, now she’s sorted, Martha has been out and about, and there’s the odd video around of her in use up and down the Thames. Please continue to get involved in boat handling courses, or day trips out and make the most of this beautiful weather in London!


Please can I remind the club that there are existing controls in place that should mitigate against club expenditure such as this. The following is taken from the constitution S. 11 Control of Expenditure:


No member of the Club may spend more than £1000 of the Club funds without a Membership Decision agreeing to such expenditure. Such Membership Decision may be given as part of the annual budget process.

No member of the Club may spend more than £100 of the Club funds without a Committee Decision agreeing to such expenditure.

No member of the Club may spend an amount of the Club funds less than £100 unless

They hold the post of Club Officer or Committee Member and the expenditure relates directly to the responsibilities of the Club Officer or Committee Member in question; or

They are a Dive Manager of a Club dive trip that has been agreed to by the Diving Officer and the expenditure relates directly to the costs of repairing, maintaining or replacing Club equipment; or

They have been authorised to make such expenditure by a Committee Decision.


Further to this, the committee has agreed the following additional control:

          All expenses outside of normal running costs must have more than one quote where reasonably practicable (examples of acceptable reasons this may not be possible include time critical repairs, or in order to maintain a warrantee)


In the future, the club may require members who make unapproved or unconstitutional expenses to pay for this expense themselves.


The budget for the boats will be reviewed as usual for approval by the membership at the EGM.


Looking forward to seeing you at the Constitution!


Lucy on behalf of the Committee

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