AGM notification

AGM notification

Hi everyone,

The AGM will be held on 10 October. Venue TBC.

At the meeting the Committee will present the analysis of the Hellfins year, including the budget, diving and training.

As always, each position on the Committee is up for re-election. The roles are listed below. I would like to encourage everyone to think about running for a role. This can be a rewarding way of getting involved in Hellfins, and looks good on your CV too! If you are interested but would like to know more about specific positions, please contact Lucy, or the relevant committee member who will be happy to explain their role in detail. Details of the current incumbents are on the website. Descriptions of the responsibility of Chair, Secretary, DO and Treasurer are included in the constitution (on the website). Additionally, if you want to run for a position, but are unable to attend the AGM, please let Lucy know and we will add you to the voting process.



Dive Officer (must be qualified to at least equivalent to BSAC Advanced Diver and BSAC Open Water Instructor.  In the event that no member with these qualifications is willing to stand for the post of Diving Officer, then members holding the qualification of at least Dive Leader shall be able to stand)


Training officer(s) (appointed by the DO)






Member without portfolio


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