A Dive Officer’s Winter Tidings

So, Hello! I’m your Diving Officer (again), and it gives me great pleasure to be DO of the best drinking …ahem…Diving Club in London. Do read on….

As well as having overall responsibility for all things diving within the club, I’m also the lucky person responsible for safety of diving and training, and in order to take this responsibility I need to have seen a Medical form of each and every member when they renew membership or when they join, so if you’ve not sent me one, then it’s time to do so!

The form can be found on BSAC’s website here…



Allow me to introduce your Training Officers, team and Lead Instructor!

Jon Hauser – Training Officer

Dom Coyne – Training Officer

Ably assisted here and there by

Tamara Jones

Bruno Carr

Jon Friedman

Jon H and Dom will be planning training, and running SDCs, and from time to time Tam, Bruno and Jon F will be coordinating trainees and instructors. If you’d like to do some teaching or training these are the people to contact!

Michelle Kim is our Lead Instructor and responsible for signing off qualifications and generally working in the background to make sure we’re all teaching to the same excellent standards.

They folks give up a good amount of time to organise and as with all our instructors, to instruct, so if you see their glasses empty, do buy them (or any instructor) a drink!


Skill Development Course’s (SDCs) are how we learn the side skills that are outside of basic dive training, and there’s a huge range available – the most asked for ones for Hellfins being

Boathandler – where we learn to drive a Rhib, and it is huge fun.

Bouyancy and Trim – where we learn to hone our bouyancy.

Advanced Deco Procedures. Like it says really.

Twin-set – learn to dive using a 2 cylinder set.

But there’s many more besides – see the full list of SDCs here:


DCI helpline – National Decompression Illness helpline. Oxygen administration training Casualty Assessment form. More…

If you’d like to do any of these courses – please get in touch with Dom Coyne and let him know. I’ll be sending a separate notice out about Boathandling in bit though – so keep your eyes peeled! (urgh – what a saying)


Calling all Sport Divers!

Have you ever watched an instructor teaching and thought “I wish I could be so cool calm and knowledgable (and worthy of buying a beer for)?” Or even “Hey – even I could do this”? Or even “God-damnnit, how on earth can anyone teach anyone to fin backwards?”

Well, even if you haven’t – as a Sport Diver you can take an Instructor Foundation Course and begin teaching others. It’s a full-on 2 days but hugely rewarding.

BSACs page on the IFC is https://www.bsac.com/training/instructor-courses/scuba-instruction/instructor-foundation-course-ifc/#tab-1

DCI helpline – National Decompression Illness helpline. Oxygen administration training Casualty Assessment form. More…

The next local one is 10th and 11th February at Trinity School, Croydon – click this link and get booked on now! https://www.bsac.com/events/ifc-south-east-10th-11th-february-2018-16905—835/

List of all IFCs is here



Wait, it’s winter and it’s cold, why are you going on about diving?

Cos diving’s brilliant and there’s no better time than winter to think about what diving you want to do next year, or what training you might do (see BSACs page on SDC’s) to help prepare you for the diving you want to do!

You could grab a buddy (SD’s and above) and head to a quarry to do some dive practice or even to the sea and go diving – just remember to tell the DO you’re planning to go diving and you’re good to go!


While you warm your toes in front of your central heating and warm your insides with a festive tipple, have a read of the now-online ‘handbook’ of Safe Diving, cunningly named “Safe Diving”. It is the A to Z of safe diving practices and gives guidance on just about everything we do as divers. As in all things, guidance’s changes from time to time, and as it’s now available online why not have a browse. There’s even a search function!



Dive Planning Meeting

We have a planning meeting booked for 21st Feb. where we’ll look at any spaces in the calendar and see what diving can be fitted in – preferably using our wonderful rhib Molly! If anyone is interested in running a rhib trip but thinks they need a hand/encouragement/a boathandling course/a Dive Leader qualification – drop me a line and we can work some magic. Hardboats are great too of course and offer diving further afield, so whatever you want to dive next year –  put the date in your diary and make diving happen!


The three rules of Hellfins….

They’re very simple, and they might ring a bell if you’ve read this far…

  1. Always tell the DO of any plans to go diving – and send him/her/me a note to say you’re safe and sound afterwards!

  2. Read (and understand) the Safe Diving ‘handbook’ as above.

  3. Send the DO your Self-cert medical form each year when you renew (or if you just joined).

What more could any DO wish for at Christmas? 😀

Well, basically that we all dive safely, have fun and come home giggling! That’s what it’s all about. 

To contact me, ask questions, take the piss etc. just hit reply to this email (but dont include Subscribers or your email goes to everyone in the club – unless that’s your intention) or get me at doAThellfinsDOTcom or grab me down the pub (pint of Aspall’s please – oh, most kind).

Lastly – our media-Jonny (Jon) has been putting together a new website for us – it looks great and works really well, it should be launched at the upcoming EGM (24th Jan) – more news on that soon.

Lastly lastly – look out for our Chair’s Newsletter – it’ll be a regular-ish item and will have bits and pieces from all sorts of people about what’s going on within Hellfins as well as in the great diving world around us. 

Cheers to all!