Hi all

I am arranging a bit of a refresher for Richard Banner to check himself and his gear out at Stoney Cove in the next month or so before we go to the Farnes in September.

Is there anyone who might like to come up there and join us for the day? Listed below are the dates that Richard and I are available to go up to Stoney, so if anyone would like to join us, they would be most welcome.

I won’t set the exact date with Richard, until I hear back… (or not, as the case may be) from anyone in the club….I will wait a week or so for any replies.
So the dates we are available to go up to Stoney are as follows:-

1……..Monday July 31st

2…….Tuesday August 1st

3…….Monday….14th August

4……Tuesday 15th August

5……Monday 21st August

6……Tuesday 22nd August.

Any interest do grab me in the pub, or sooner by email jh83ATbtinternetDOTcom


John Heagney