We are a central London scuba diving club (based right next to Victoria station) but that doesn’t stop us getting out for a dive. We’re a friendly and active club who place the emphasis on safety and fun. We are very sociable running not just diving trips, but also a wide range of social events that include cheeky curries and an annual ski trip.

We’re a BSAC club and very proud of it! But we also welcome divers from other agencies. In fact, lots of Hellfins first trained with other agencies.

We do a wide range of diving, mainly in the UK, but we also try and go abroad a few times a year. There’s usually a club trip (and sometimes two or even three) every weekend in the summer months. Last year we ran trips from the Scillies to the Shetland islands, and all points in between. We also went to Malta, Cyprus, and the Red Sea.

A fair few hardy souls carry on throughout the year but an equal number decide to stay warm and laugh at them instead!

Take a look around our site. If we look like the kind of people you want to dive with, please get in contact or come and meet us in the pub on a Wednesday night.